1 ; 1 ; in Month : December (2019) Article No : snnj-v1-1004
Mehdi Mirzaei, Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari, Mohammad A

Background: The monoclonal C595 antibody against breast cancer cells were conjugated with biocompatible anionic linear globular dendrimer (ALGD) and subsequently chelated with Gd(III) to produce Gd(III)-ALGDG2-C595(nanoprobe). This nanoprobe was utilized as explicit breast cancer tumor nano-contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Methods: Relaxation times and relaxivities of Gd(III)-ALGDG2-C595 were measured at various concentrations, utilizing different gradient echo and spin echo protocols in a 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner. Gd(III) concentration was dictated by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission (ICP-AES). subsequent the preparation of contrast agents, tumor imaging was carried out. Results: In vitro, T2‑weighted MRI displayed that the signal intensity of MCF-7 breast cancer cells was lower than that of HEK-293 as control cells. T2‑weighted MRI showed that the signal intensity of Gd(III)-ALGDG2-C595 enhanced with an increasing concentration of nanoprobe. The results indicated that the r1 relaxivity of Gd(III)-ALGDG2-C595 in Gd-DTPA-C595 was greater than Magnevist. Results likewise demonstrated great tumor amassing. Conclusion: The results demonstrated that Gd(III)-ALGDG2-C595 nanoprobe has the potential to identify MCF-7 breast cancer cells and furthermore have high contrast resolution between normal cell line HEK-293 and cancerous cell line MCF-7 which are an appropriate nanoprobe for T2-weighted contrast agents MR imaging. Good relaxivity indicates Gd(III)-ALGDG2-C595 has considerable potential in diagnostic MRI. It very well may be presumed that the Gd(III)- ALGDG2-C595 nanoprobe in this investigation can be a good candidate as MRI contrast agents for the detection of breast cancer MCF-7 cells. Therefore, the Gd(III)-ALGDG2-C595 nanoprobe will be a potential contrast agent with high relaxivity and good biocompatibility and then provide a new platform for cancer diagnosis.

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